The Christian Singles Registry was established in 1995 by Larry and Beth McEntire shortly after their Marriage to assist men and women in finding each other in order to establish a loving and stable Christian home together.

Our mission is to find women that long for a traditional home, one that is centered around the teachings of the Bible, and men, who because of their life's experiences are determined to establish a loving and supportive Christian home for their families. Men that are prepared to be the physical and spiritual head of the family in order that all members will function as a loving unit forever.

As a company we strive to keep all of our dealings in an upright and Christian manner, conducting ourselves in a way that we would not be ashamed to ask God to help us in all that we do.

We would strive to advise our clients in the best way that we could to accomplish our shared goal in helping them restore their life by establishing a new family unit, and to never give any advise that would be unlawful, or against God's teaching.

We will strive to have a marketing program that will make it clear to every prospective client what their options are, and if they decide to become a client, to assist them in every way possible to afford our program.

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